Food design

I’m actually working as a food designer in a design studio in Paris (I studied industrial design and apply it to food). We develop concepts for the food and beverage industry (not the packaging, but the food itself). I was wondering if there were such studios/agencies/R&D dpt in USA?
Thank you for your answers, and happy new year!

WOW…… can u share… couple of ur food concepts?.. :wink:


I work for MARS Snackfood. Here in the US we manufacture Snicker, M&M’s, Twix, Dove chocolate, and many many more. We also have a food and Pet food division.

Anyway what I am getting at is that we have a whole department in R&D that is devoted to this. Most of them have culinary degrees but they are all responsible for creating new concepts and improving our existing products. They also tend to go through the same process as we do in ID. (Even Sketching and 3D modeling)

I would imagine that many of the other major food manufactures would have the same thing.

If you want to stay in Europe, check out Nestle. I know a chem engie that develops food/packing for them in Switzerland. The packaging is what drives the food technology she works on. Think coffee pods.

Thank you all for your answers
ADD : I’m sorry I can’t share most of the concepts we develop, because they’re confidential for the moment…But you can visit my online coroflot portfolio, I put some old ones (1 or 2 years)
I agree with you, R&D dpt would be good solutions, but I enjoy working for different clients, I don’t feel like working during 3 years on yogurt…(for example) That’s why I’m looking for design studios, agencies, … (and in the US, because I would love to move abroad!)

IDea, I v been to your portfolio-food design…good work.

I have couple of questions for you…& others
Is it designed for taste, smell, size & looks/style, ingredients….calories, food type – snacks, moods….experience? or revamping existing category?
What is the design process…for new food concept/design?

Good food design is designed for all the senses.