Food Court Druids and Cherohonkees

One problem I have with talking about and anaylzing “trends” is that the moment a trend is spotted and expounded upon, it changes into something else.

I find that looking at people and culture from perhaps other angles - namely, observable archetypes - is more revealing and is precisely what Robert Lanham’s superb new book does. I just finished reading/scanning/knowingly nodding and laughing about it:

Funny, but I think this is probably a more accurate way to analyze your target consumers than the typical age,race,income,background stuff that I can’t stand. People live or aspire to live lifestyles / stories. Gear your product to the lifestyle, not the “typical (stereo)” user. That way when you make the new product for the Trumps, you won’t miss the Jayz’s that’ll buy it too. Design and market “being prepared on the go” instead of “military and rescue personel” and you’ll catch us asphault rangers too.


Check this out: A quote from the site about the book

If you want to encounter true diversity, try spending an afternoon at the Walgreens in HILLSBORO, OREGON. Pick up a burger at the Salem County rest stop just off the New Jersey Turnpike. Swing by the Piggly Wiggly superstore in Demopolis, Alabama. Or simply take a look around the office where you work, the school you attend, or the Quick Stop where you pump your gas.

… I live in Hilsboro Oregon, about a mile from the Walgreens!

Anywho, great illustrations, and specis names.