food/cosmetic design/development

I have a concept for a new product I would like to further investigate but would like to try to find a professional firm that may be able to help with development.

The product is in the food/cosmetic area. Think toothpaste/mouthwash/cosmetics, etc. I’m looking for a firm that specializes in the development of these types of products (ie. the product itself, not the packaging), FDA approvals, etc. I plan to do the branding/packaging design myself.

anyone out there have a link or know where to even start searching. I have no idea what this specific area is even really called. google for “food design” doesnt really help. I assume the firm would be somewhat chemical engineers, or something of the like dedicated to consumables…

any help greatly appreciated. a firm in Canada/US would be preferred.



Hey, I work at MAC Cosmetics for Estee Lauder and may be able to pull a few names and resources for you. I dont know what you need specifically, though you can email me at dcoledesign@hotmail if you want to discuss further