Folrence Design Academy

Hallo everybody!!! I’m an italian girl… so …sorry if my english is not so perfect!!
I’d like to ask for an information : Is trhere anybody who knows the FOLRENCE DESIGN ACADEMY (florence-Italy)… I’m considering the idea to attend a design course (interior design) and I’m trying to understand what kind of school can be better for me… I’ mean … Is it a famouse school? and first of all : can this school provide real proffessional skills? …information like theese!!!
Thank you

kisses… kisses… Silli :open_mouth:

sorry- it is not a very good school. the location is good, but the school sucks. very small and not very well equipped! do not go there

Hi Silli,
yes, the school is famouse and I know students that got a good job after a few weeks after they graduation… They told me that they have learned a lot.
I hope I was usefull :slight_smile:

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The FDA is a renowned school and from what I heard it gives a modern education. But remember that the lessons are in ENGLISH ! If you don’t speak english I suggest you to go to a english course befor you apply…



Hi there :slight_smile:
The FDA is one of the most important design schools in Italy. But I know that you have to work a lot during your studies. The teachers pretend a lot but they give also a lot. It is a very professional school. If you want to learn it is the best place…
Consider that Italy is the best place to study design. There is design every where.