follow up email

i received an internship offer from a design firm. the email said that the hiring staff liked my work and i would be contacted again soon. the thing is, i feel like i need to reply to it but i’m not sure what to say

would one sentence thanking him be enough or should i add something else?

how do you usually follow up this kind of email?


Did you interview in person or did you just send in your work?

Keep it short and simple, to the affect of:

“Thank you for responding to my application. I am glad to hear that I am being considered for the position and that the team appreciated my work. I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

+1 on that.

I think it’s polite and appropriate to respond, and thank your interviewer for being considered.

oh I called first and then just sent it my work

i just get really nervous when responding to emails like these because I don’t want to make any mistakes …

Thank you for the prompt reply :slight_smile: