"follow up" e mail help...

hello all,

it seems like that the majority of companies dont have respect for designer now a days. and that is specially true (my opinion) when applying to a position that’s been open for over 2 months and never getting a answer from them not even a “no thank you”. its as if i never applied. sometimes i wounder if my email is working or not! so with that being said, can some one PLEASE help guide me in writing a “follow up” e mail…i cant think of how to go about it.

special thank you to all that helps.

first, shake it off. Don’t let you being angry influence your email. That’s not good for anybody.

Then just follow up. Sweet and short. Something like maybe:

"I would like to follow up on an application I submitted (date) regarding blablabla and make sure that you have received all necessary documentation in order to make a decision. yadayadayada.
Please find attached my resume, a link to my portfolio as well as the cover letter for further reference.

I am looking forward to hear from you"

I have written something similar and it has worked.
If they don’t respond after a follow up, I generally just forget about the place. Chances are its not a place you wanna work anyway or that they are just really not that interested.

Exactly as Bepster put it. I might also say something like “Please let me know if all the files went through” or something to that effect to encourage at least a simple response.

Because of the sheer number of applicants, many places do not respond to everyone. I’ve heard of places making 3 piles, the ones they want to interview, the ones that were really good but not right for the job so they get an email, and the ones that are not qualified for the position (so they don’t get anything). Its difficult, when I handle these things personally I try to get back to as many people as possible, especially the people who are good but just don’t fit the needs of the group at this time, just so we can have the beginnings of a conversation. It’s hard to predict when the group will need that kind of designer and it is nice to have the names on tap. Unfortunately, not everyone operates with that kind of thinking.

I had an interview with a web firm and they said they really wanted me and wanted to schedule a 2nd interview. I think one more set of emails went around discussing the date of the 2nd interview, and then suddenly I was abandoned. Sent about 4 follow up emails (spaced out, mind you), but nothing. The firm was awesome but I really don’t understand why they didn’t even say that they already took someone else.

That is unfortunate. Sorry to hear that. A small piece of advice is to get business cards from everyone you meet with on an interview and send them thank you emails. If he HR person or Design Director is not getting back to you, that junior designer you met might be able to give you the scoop tha they hired someone!

when i applied for my graduation project internship, out of the 15 companies i applied to, i got a response from barely one or two. (that too, a pissed off reply from one company saying that all students who had applied shouldn’t send their portfolios directly without asking the company whether they required intern; as it turned out their company didn’t need interns and their mailbox was getting full ). I had to called up two or three companies that i was really interested to do my internship to see if they had received my mail. I got through one of them after that :slight_smile:
Try calling them up and asking if they received your mail…it worked for me.