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Anthony Mills in London, United Kingdom and

handvac - design isn’t strong. even called it a “block”. biggest image in folio and its to show modelmaking skills (where does the air go in? why not model that?). unsure what career you want. designer or modelmaker. or CAD jock?

tradeshow booth - uninspired. design and those cartoon people say Leggo to me. not hardware. would rather see cool sketches. no clue what that car storage thing is supposed to be. lose it.

coke bar - more uninspired stuff. becoming apparent you rely on computer for forms. but dont have surfacing skills to do something elegant. shape is just an extrude. repeat comments for the chair.

audi thing - cant read what it is. kinda like it. but its derivative of Audi’s design. including the hex bolt-style holes. so that explains that. page looks nice but doesnt communicate what this product does. too many words i cant read.

lightbox - turn off your computer and sketch. and dont show that chair profile again. and consider losing the background image - another designer owns that.

not one hand-drawn image anywhere. tells me alot.

not one hand-drawn image anywhere. tells me alot

I have to agree with ykh. Your forms all look computer generated. I feel I’m watching that movie ‘Tron’ from the mid 80’s. Don’t let the software (and your skills with that application) design your forms.

Most of your work seems to focus on styling… and that’s it. What other problems have you solved. Why would dewalt redsign their vac other that some brand recognition with style. Maybe this design fits into a tool box, vacumes in hard to reach places and so on. What is the real problem to solve here. You need to go a little deeper. Product Design isn’t just about making pretty forms anymore.

thanks - really important to hear that

my sketching skill aren’t the best

and the dewalt thing is a block model - that what were call it at uni

consider losing the background image - another designer owns that

  • the black one

no i made that in photoshop - nice hey

why do you have two accounts? I personally find that really annoying, especially when a search brings up the same person twice. Go with one account and condense your info. Do you really need to show a model of someone else’s audi logo? Pick your best stuff, condense. You’ll do fine with your favorite five projects. If you still want more stuff, make your own personal webpage. it makes you seem desparate having two accounts, like ‘look at meeee! look at meeee! i take up two rows in your search results, look at me!!!’

“no i made that in photoshop - nice hey”

if thats the human factors people, yeah. nice job. swore it was from the templates.

“Do you really need to show a model of someone else’s audi logo?”

  • all the stuff i did in my folio, is of my own work -

i will be doing a website soon just learning studio mx first

i think theres no problem having 2 folio’s more exposure - and it’s working

Those human factors backgrounds to? That’s alot of drawing for backgrounds!

First of all, please keep in mind I don’t intend to insult you or your skills, I’m just trying to offer an opinion that may help you in your internship hunt.

While I think 2 corefolios is overkill, there are situations that may call for that much space. An example that comes to mind is someone who has produced 7 -10 amazing projects filled with research, sketches, sketch models, finished models etc. This person has produced so much stuff that it just isn’t possible to tell the entire story of their projects in that small a space.

The human factors “human measures” background and audi A6 line drawing are obviously not yours, and claims like ‘all work is my own’ lead someone to believe that other things might not be yours, specifically the trailer model, since you dedicate 2 whole pages to the handle, and only 1/2 a page to the trailer itself. You might want to clarify before making statements like that.

Doing the design for an entire trailer, and going into as much detail as solidworks renderings of handles is a time intensive project. You must, obviously, have tons of sketches for a project of that scale, and this is where you should show them! You must have gone through tons of styling concepts, and drawings showing how someone would interact with the trailer. Here’s where you put them in! Doing this will help show your process, as some will say, the most important part of a portfolio. Yes, you know CAD, it’s obvious in 1 or 2 renders. Once you prove this, we know you can position a camera and hit render. You don’t have to do that 10 times per project. Why not take the space from 8 of those renders (because all you need is the top and bottom views to fully describe it) and put 10 of your best concept sketches that brought you to that shape.

Again, the same for your light box and coke projects, you dont need a silly vectorized version of the coke machine, it doesn’t tell anything more about your process, and doesn’t provide a different view of the final object. You certainly don’t need to duplicate images/views, stop wasting space and your viewers time.

This last opinion is even more of a rant and more nit-picky than before, so take it with an even bigger grain of salt! …I have a personal gripe about the “half rendered, half wireframe” audi picture you made. Yes, it’s cool looking, but in this case has no purpose. Those images are something that Poly and NURBS modelers often make to show how efficient or well done there models are. Solidworks creates great wireframes every time! This tells nothing more about your skills other than your ability to gradient mask, something that’s obvious in all of your port pages.

I hope this was helpful :smiley:

Lastly, I’d like to know what you mean by “it’s working.” Do you mean #hits or have you gotten jobs through your site?

thank you timgolnik for spending the time to take a look at my folio and give me the responses you did - very helpful

i’m a terrible sketcher, so i don’t post any - i’m getting better tho so i will in future

the black background is mine - photoshoped - the audi and human factors ones are not - the human factors one is a scan from my uni sheets/handouts and the audi one is off there site - not stealing i don’t think

the audi block model is mine it’s right here in my room at uni - made it in 4 days -

yeah the wirer frame thing was for a rendering in class - just thought it looks cool - just for better marks

vectorized version of the coke machine - just a trick i was playing with in solidworks

“Lastly, I’d like to know what you mean by “it’s working.” Do you mean #hits or have you gotten jobs through your site?”

yeah a cheap power tool company like GMC has sponsored me for a product redesign and a major hardware company has sponsored me -
also i got some freelance work in sydney from it - and invited by a solidworks user group to talk about my rendering skills as a student

thanks for your feed back