hey any comments on my folio would be great!!!

Seems that you have a good grasp on manufacturing techniques, such as roto-moulding. I liked your trade-show booth as well, but I didn’t understand what the project was located just below it. The Audi handle is a spin-off of mid-1990’s design (when the TT was originally drawn up.) I just don’t see anything awe-inspiring about it, and I would suggest removing it from your “main” portfolio section. Still not sure exactly what it does. The childrens chair is nice and it’s good to see you put thought into how it is constructed. There is a misspelling on there as well.
Please explain what the Dewalt tool is. A simple paragraph at the corner of each page explaining the reason for the project would be incredibly helpful.
Finally, please change your years of experience to “1”. You don’t have 3 because years in school don’t count.
You have some good work. A little polishing and it will look great. Good luck!

thanx mate - some good points raised - i’ll get right on it