'Folio Feedback Appreciated

Third Year ID student, just had my first interview with a design firm for possible internship :open_mouth: , and have 2 more penciled in for up and coming weeks. Just wanted to get some feedback while I wait for a response. Any constructive crits are appreciated. Thanks…


excellent work :wink:

and good luck for your interviews

Thanks for posting your work.

Not bad, I think your most successful project is the table and chairs.

The rest have the feel of a third year student, which is cool, since that is where you are at. To make yourself look more appealing to those firms, I think you should show some process. Inspiration, research, sketching!

The photoshop rendering of the camera is excellent. I would replace it with an original design though. Also the scooter and coffee maker have that stiff, designed in 3d software look.

Keep posting work, getting feedback is a great way to see where to improve.

I second most of what Yo said.

But I have to ask, what’s the point of the PS rendering? And why don’t those skills reflect in your design projects?
It’s very obvious that you used the original pic while shading ur reproduction rendering. But when you render on you own, the shading is not as strong. I’d say work on that (3D prog rendering vs. PS rendering)

the rims project could go much further (put some tires on them, and maybe show 2 views per) Maybe even design more, could do some 2 or 3 part rims and show exploded views

also, give us more views of the coffee maker, and be sure to put them in perspective

the table project is cool! :smiley:

my 2 cents

I agree with copyboy.
It’s hard to believe that the PS rendering is in fact not just a photo.
Try to use your photoshop skills on your coffee maker project and wheel rims and you will have a much stronger portfolio. The PS rendering has very realistic metal finishes that would translate well to your coffee machine concept.

Harris & Copyboy-

Thanks for the feedback.

Im not sure if the either of you were suggesting that the PS rendering is NOT a rendering (I think Harris moreso than CB) because It IS(i’ve got the near 100 layers of base colors, shadows, highlights, and text/iconography [typed out and skewed, not copied from the original product] to prove it) :wink: . The objective of that particular product was to achieve photo-realism. Sorry, just had to stick my chest out a little bit there :smiley: , regardless, I DO agree with the both of you that my rendering skills could be used more effectively in the coffee maker and scooter designs.

Thanks for the continued feedback.

I believe it’s a PS rendering, I’m assuming it was a class project. The important thing is, you’re not applying the ability in ur other projects. Based on the other projects, I’m 90% sure that you wouldn’t be able to change the angle from the photograph and achieve photorealistic results. That’s what I’m getting at.

the PS rendering isn’t a portfolio piece as much as it is a step in the learning process. And if you don’t apply what you’ve learned on the next project, than your selling yourself short.

Now, if you do like 3 or 4 additional views of the camera(forcing you to loose the training wheels that is the original picture)and they are of similar quality, then sure, it’s a portfolio piece, it would truely showcase your abilities in PS, and rendering in general

anyways, keep it up, and put some meat on those rims man :laughing: that could be a nice full project that you could do on your off time (like a fun project)

Hey guys thanks for the continued feedback…Just landed my first internship! Yo & Copyboy…I’ve already started to apply some of my PS stuff to other portfolio pieces, Ill be sure to repost an update as soon as I get them done. I will have some sketch process in the mix soon too.

Cool tid bit: I googled myself for the hell of it today and came across this…dont know who added it, but thanks for the exposure (…and credit, given that the description and pics were taken straight off of coroflot)!

http://www.yankodesign.com/product_info.php?products_id=749 :sunglasses:

congrats man. Landing that first gig is the best feeling, that and googling yourself and seeing some stuff… keep up the work. I’m sure by the end of your internship your skills will feel like they doubled.

Thanks Yo…

Alright Yo and others…I’ve done a little tweaking and some updates. Just a checkup from last time (got rid of the lame-o ps rendering). Still waiting on some projects from work that are pending production and I’ll be adding those into the mix as well. Continued feedback is much appreciated…Thanks guys.

Much better. Overall it has a much better feel. Keep working on that sketching… some of those seat surfaces look like they are sliding down on the freedom chair page.