Folio Edits-Looking for feedback

Hello. I’m a recent graduate trying to land a design position. I posted my teaser portfolio on here before and got great feed back. Since then I’ve made edits, but foolishly didn’t not post my progress here for more feedback. Here is my Sample portfolio as it stands now. I’m not sure if I’m including too much, or too little information. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It was really funny looking through your portfolio as I saw the Steelcase and Turnstone paper tables in the current trends area for collaborative surfaces (as I was just using the Turnstone table a minute or so prior) then I flip to the next page and see a picture of Victor (who is a friend of mine) was a little surreal for that early in the day…

Now to the portfolio, it seems like you’ve got some nice ideas and thinking going on, but my reaction is that your design, form giving, and sketching skills are not quite at the level of your ideas. This is seems to happen a lot with people who pursue a design Masters with a non-design undergraduate education.

Wild Tiles looks to me like maybe a solution was reached a little prematurely, I am not seeing a real range of ideas and concepts (this may just be due to how it is presented).

Are there any other projects you’re not showing that might have some relevance to your portfolio?

In short, your post said you are trying to land a design position, my advice would be that you really need to hone your form giving and visualization skills to be competitive in this very tough design job market. Is there a way you could leverage your ME degree to get your foot in the door with a design studio or similar arrangement where you can be exposed to more of the hands on design work and get your feet wet? Feel free to PM me with any more questions or anything, I’d be glad to try to help point you in a good direction.

Thanks for the feed back. I’ve know Victor since undergrad. I decided to remove the user research page. Those guys knew I used them for school but aren’t aware I’m posting their information on the net. As far as my visualization skills; that’s something that I didn’t have time to get up to snuff while in school. I’m working on that now; trying to do as much drawing as I can and running through some of the online tutorials. I chose these project because I assumed they would show off my strengths (ideas, story telling) until I got better at the visualization. I’m PMing you a few questions now so I don’t make this post really long.

I think you need to work on the composition of you portfolio pages. Remember at design school/uni when you would look at people’s presentations and some would stand out while other’s pages would form a kind of visual mess? I think you have a bit of visual mess going on here.

Maybe try setting more of a hierarchy of information. Decide what is the most important image on each page and make it the prominent one. Each page should tell a story of where the product started and where is it going.