folio critique!

Hi, just uploaded my corofolio. Feedback, Critique, thrashing appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have purposefully left out my professional work and all projects are either Academic or personal
Corofoilo :


Digital Sketches are the best part I think, I want to see more.


your sketch ability is high, show it off even more

if you don’t have any-- pick any product right now (digital camera, electric iron, clock, stove) and do about 2 pages with 20-30 sketches on each one, that will make your portfolio even deeper

also, do you have any more process work for the helmet? human factors evaluations maybe? great project. should show from start to finish. if you haven’t do the HF eval yet, do them quick, even if its after the fact.

@TaylorWelden thanks ! now i feel even more motivated to sketch , i was afraid of showing more sketches as i thought they might make the folio more artistic… as many of my sketches are like that. will add more id sketches , been working on them .

the helmet project is a never ending one … some work is still ongoing … will try n incorporate it .
maybe i should devote some more space to it and show the iterations we went through
@Kershaw thanks ,

back to work :slight_smile:

I would suggest rethinking the helmet project, that is not going to withstand a proper impact. How a helmet absorbs and dissipates an impact is very strongly related to shell shapes and internal fibre structures. What you’re doing is essentially a half-cap with a hard wrap around and will NOT pass any kind of impact test, not the good ones anyway.

We’ve had nightmares trying to get helmets passed for laws in multiple countries, what goes in Europe very often does not in Japan and shell structure is the main sticking point, moving parts are a definite NO. If you want this project to impress any manufacturers, you need to understand the rules and regulations for your area at the very least. Once your home market is clear, then figure out how to clear the rest, usually involves removing parts and protrusions.