Folio - any feedback?

Recently updated my folio and was looking for some honest feedback from anonymous people, all feedback is appreciated. Some people have advised me to put more sketches in the folio, but most of my sketches are just quick scribbles - nothing awe inspiring.

Folio - - this is PDF ----


mhhh… you’re website link seems to be broken or your site is offline.

welcome to core, a little more info about you would be helpful… (school, school year, location, etc)

First, for the hundredth time people… do NOT post a link to a “homepage” and have it spawn a PDF download. That is bad practice. I’m annoyed before I even start to look at your folio. All you have to do is this

Here’s the Link: (PDF link)

First of all, your portfolio is heavy on photo renders (until the end) As a rule of thumb, limit yourself to only TWO renders per project- this forces you to pick the best, most descriptive shots. Everyone can pump out nice looking images now, use the renders to promote your DESIGN not your ability to burn CPU cycles :slight_smile: (if you show alternate configurations / materials / exploded view / etc. those are exceptions )

  1. Don’t open with the lego ice cubes. It’s a quirky project and should be in the middle as an “ice breaker” har har :slight_smile: how did you make the ice cubes in the photos? Show that process? How is this used?
  2. Show the bike light in context, it’s organic and hard to picture how / why / what it is
  3. The 3D animation page tells me nothing important (with two random models thrown in?)
  4. For the corkscrew, it is a CAD exercise to model something from life as you explain. I can already see from everything else that you know how to CAD. This assignment should be left out.
  5. I think that your pitcher needs to be mocked up in real life. I know it is stable but the form is so dynamic I don’t trust that it would stand or balance in the hand, show more process here.
  6. The Fishing Backpack is probably my favorite and your strongest piece. Decent drawings, product shown in use, nice styling, I can understand the design right away- I’d like to see it open up more and all the inner storage, etc. if you considered this
  7. The stool demonstrates a whole other set of skills and is pretty cool, nice

As far as the grey water recycling fixture and the portable hard drive, they are just filler

A good start but you need to cut the weak stuff, and flesh out your process. On a technical note, the portfolio PDF came in much larger than letter size (23.39 x 16.53) so I had to view at 50% scale and all the images got crumby.

:smiley: -B

thanks for the constructive comments bennybtl definitely agree with your points. What would be a better way to digitally display my folio compared to pdf?

Also I am a recent graduate (Bachelor) - Melbourne, Australia. Swinburne University

PDF is great for your portfolio, just make sure that the page size is correct when you save it. If you are using indesign, it should do this automatically when you export the document. (I’d recommend this method) If you are assembling it in Acrobat or Photoshop, make sure your source files are the right size when you check “image size…”

It just makes it look that much more professional. I also like to fill in basic meta information and set the open to magnification at 100%. Sometimes PDFs will display at 103% or something and the scaling in acrobat is not anti-aliased very well.

updated folio - could you please have a look and give me any advice or thoughts - thanks ---- (this is PDF)

I have taken out some of the project pages - instead of having these projects taking up whole pages I have made one page entitled “other projects” - I have compiled a few projects onto that same page.

I have also altered the formatting of the PDF so it should automatically fit your browser window.

I have also put a small amount of text and my CV on the first page - after the cover, I am wanting to e-mail this to various places and figured it would be annoying for them to view seperate files or pages - CV and folio. I would make the e-mail content the cover letter.

any advice is greatly appreciated. - This is more of a ‘teaser’ folio - I am wanting to obtain an entry level design job, CAD work or some sort of intern or work experience.