Folding stairs

Hi, All, Back in 2009 Mr. Noe had a post about options for accessing an 8 foot loft with a ladder/stairs that could be folded or collapsed or telescoped out of the way. Mr. Noe said there would be a third article about his search that I cannot find and don’t know if was ever written. I have spent many, (too many), hours trying to find such a solution for my “She Shed”. I need it to attach to the 6 inch side of a 4x6 beam and fold/collapse/telescope above that height. My search has led me back to Mr. Noe’s articles, but the culminating solution, (the 3rd article} is not to be found. Since a ladder went out from under me while accessing the loft, shattering my shoulder, I really need to find a better solution. Thanks for any input.

Would a common attic ladder do what you’re looking for, or do you need something with a bit more visual style?