Folding Hosereel

this is the product:

old project. 1994. started off being strict aesthetic upgrade. firm had to provide 10 line drawings. i did 4. two other designers did 3 each. last one i broke from the rules. this is it:

only dramatic thing was moving the storage tray to the bottom. no big deal to me. still remember the firm VP (“i dont know if we can show this”). at meeting they liked it. i also said we could now fold the handle - winter storage. obvious enough. they left for a couple months. came back and gave us round two - fold the handle and make it stack.

here’s 4 of the 10 we delivered (all drawings are like 24" x 18" or something):

(sorry for image quality. old 6 x 4 photos. red spots. dust.)

top two got their attention. form of upper left. big tray on bottom like upper right. i got pulled after starting the 2D layouts. another designer (excellent guy, taught me a ton) finished the design. here’s the model (full scale, no CNC):

i didnt have a final marker render for portfolio, but did one about a year later. will post it next.

Great renderings/sketches.

What is the full-scale model made from?

i forget. it was a primitive model shop. probably a wood and tons of Bondo.

here’s that last render:

I like the bottom of the model. The wheels integrate well into the form. I also like the repetion of details. The three indentations on the storage bin at the bottom, again on the hose support next to the logo and then again on the little feet in the front.

Was there a reason that the wheel was different on the model than your drawings? In your renders the wheel goes with the overall form a little better.

“Was there a reason that the wheel was different on the model than your drawings?”

designer who finished layouts didnt finish layouts. i worked in a hack firm. “wallpaper” and “design by the pound” were the catchwords. time was everything.