Focus Groups and the XBOX360

Bingo! This might be the answer I was looking for when starting this thread:

Does MS believe that it can win as “me too” by attempting to blur the importance of brand (of which design is a part, and which Sony and their customers value) and concentrate on winning by brute-force?

ie. Is this a sick twist on “anti-design?”


Some more info:


I really doubt those guys used consumer groups, and if they did they’re too smart to listen.

I think it looks sweet.

Astro leads where others follow

So they designed it for Japanese, Wives and Grandparents!

Bad Ass!

“When people there were asked what company might have made the console, they guessed Sony or Apple. That thrilled Microsoft executives.”

Sweet! Maybe I should start designing products that are confused with my number one competitors!

and aparently that niche group of Astro Groupies … Kampai!