foam cutting

Hi, Im wondering do you know or have experience in cutting foam into a fillet corner shape? I was thinking to use a hot bended metal but maybe any of you know any simpler way to go? thanks in advance!

just do it by hand… what’s the purpose of this foam? prototyping? if so then it’s fine. you could also print out or laser cut (acrylic or chip board) a template of the profile on both sides and sand it flush.

sand it? are you talking on sanding Styrofoam? cause I was talking about the soft squishy foam (the one for headphone kind).
I will have to do it on 100-200 pieces :slight_smile:

Find a firm with a waterjet?

freeze it!

Seriously it’s soft foam, right? soak it in water and put it in the freezer. After its frozen its all nice to sand or cut it it in shape. Be quick and use some gloves :wink: It does the trick…i can assure you. Works with all (open-cell) soft foams…if they aren’t water repellent :unamused:

Or since your shape is only curved in one direction: Did you try a hot-(melt)-wire?



For 100-200 pieces I would contact a local company with a waterjet or a custom packaging company. We do similar quantities of custom case foam for Pelican cases with Protective Packaging Solutions (

Whoa! I’ll assume you’ve done this? Nice dirty tip for sure.

Not even a dirty tip… I know a huge foam manufacturer in Wisconsin who will do this. We were trying to prototype a complex molded foam part, and actually had him machine it (once it had become cold).

The dimensions were a little off, but it was good enough for a comfort test.

Apparently, I need to step my foam game up! Super cool…

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Maybe I should document some prototyping techniques? I also plan a test with wax to make hollow-objects. Or Ice? If you can melt it away you’ve got a shell left.

For quick and dirty prototyping use an electric carving knife.
Electric Carving Knife.jpg
If you looking for precision or getting into production you want to look for a continuous blade, oscillating blade or abrasive wire cutting machine.