flying desk personalizing

im a student industrial design in kortrijk Belgium and we had the task to design a product for our docents of the design courses.
we had to find a product to make it possible to personalize a flying desk.
we put some restrictions up for ourselves:
it should be lightweight
easy to use
and it can’t be to big

so i was hoping to get some tips from you guys

we were thinking of a box which contains a side personal stuff like pictures and a side that hold papers, sketches,and more business stuff.
an other idea was a system that works with panels that can hold a agenda or pictures
but were still exploring ideas so anything can help us think of something new

i just wanted to know what you guys like on your desk and what you hate about your desk
many thanks to everybody who helps

Welcom Tim,

A “flying” desk … is a term I am not familiar with.

I do not think you are referring to a pilot’s knee board

… perhaps a “suspended” desk, or one cantilevered off of the wall?

… or perhaps something like “portable” writing desks?
this one is patterned after one from the 1700’s

not exactly XD
its a system where nobody has a desk for themselves, because there are less desks than docents nobody has a desk that truly their own.
everybody choses his own place. so everybody has to clean his desk every time he leaves.
but in reality some persons always sit at the same desk.

hope this explains the concept a bit

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So you mean something like a temp work area? One suggestion to minimize the personal setup is to come up with generic base/stand, and each person makes their own desktop that places on top of these bases… kind of a modular desk-space in a way. This will eliminate how the structure will collapse, etc, they could technically stack or fold away when not in use. Personalizing the desktop is more important than the structure, so just standardize/modularize the structure?? But then again someone would have to make all these structures for use of everyone else…
here’s a decent idea, needs some tweaking but pretty useful insight

Do you mean “hot desking”?

I wasn’t going to say anything about the signature, but now I am. Remove it… please. It’s too large, and the animation is very distracting.

I’m sorry Tim, I am no more enlightened about what a flying desk is than I was to begin with.

but were still exploring ideas so anything can help us think of something new

Post some sketches… that is, after all, how designers communicate. We’ll be happy to critique with you but it’s your job, as a designer, to come up with the ideas.

And who’s XD?

Squinting Eyes Closed w/ Mouth Open?

i do mean hot desking and i will remove the signature.
btw XD is a smiley with Squinting Eyes Closed w/ Mouth Open just as NURB said

Welcome. Always helps to show images Timothy. Show us what you are working on. We are visual people.

And this should be in the projects forum.

And this should be in the projects forum.

mmm, it is yo … …

I was thinking it would be better shared in the Furniture forum.

Regretfully.… Squinting Eyes Closed w/ Mouth Open is also a term I’m not familiar with…

its like that DOH! feeling of homer simpson

some of our first ideas:
i know it isn’t much yet but i don’t have all our sketches and notes from conversations with the docents because my partner is on vacation.
i will update it regularly

It’s a start Tim.

In the future you may wish to upload your images directly to Core77; it’s easier to view than paging back and forth.

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oke i didn’t see the tab but now i know where it is i will upload everything here

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