Someone directed my attention to Coroflot and simply humbled my ass. What a beaut of a site…

We have been babying the project at for some months now, and I have to say seeing a resource as tight as this one makes me a little depressed.

I’d love to hear what this crew thinks of our project so far… it’s intent is as a community-driven creative exchange such as this, but also as a point-of-purchase for art, specializing in club/music/abstract design and photography.

The idea is to have enough material coming and going so that reuse or area exclusivitiy is not an issue.

Any constructive input is loved.

Great name and great concept. I wouldn’t compare it to Core at all. While Core is an online magazine focused on product design, your site is a business.

One question though–who is your audience, the designers of flyers or the clubs who need them? Obviously designers are interested in things like fonts, but I doubt they’d want to buy flyer-templates, which seem more relevant to club promoters.

Thanks. What I meant is that some of the functionality of Core’s designer + firm profile system would be great to have on our site… yes we sell art as a ‘product’ but we like to make connections as well.

The big problem we have seen in the clubbing and DJ promo industry is that as overall computer and photoshop skills pick up in the general public, more and more people who need to produce quick, low-circulation promos for events or establishments are opting to screw designers out of the equation by just stealing some web pics and creating a ‘flyer’ themselves.

Our target is these owners, promoters and industry type. It’d be nice if ‘pure designers’ want to buy the material too, but if we were serious about that it’d be a good idea to have a credit system like where people can basically barter artwork.

I’m always a bit hesitant to post on respected design places like this because our concept is often misunderstood; people sometimes think that because the art is available online to buy that somehow every club in the world will buy it and use it at the same time; not likely. We think that the best way to combat the laziness/cheapness of entities that ‘used to hire designers’ is to throw the art in their faces. Provide a central location with repeat browsers and constantly updated stock…

Basically a getty images with photos and designs that would NOT look good in an ikea catalog.