Fluorescent tube lighting without the track?

Hey guys,

so I am working on a project right now where I am looking for fluorescent tube lighting fixtures with that damned track on the side. They do exist but I have no idea what this kind of fixture is called.
Here is an example: Save Our Souls | Konst, design och heminredning i olika former

If anybody is familiar with this, please help me out!
Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Pretty sure what you’re seeing there is 15mm Neon (argon actually) enclosed in some kind of fixture. Fluorescents can’t be 1 sided, because of how current needs to run through them to excite the gasses inside the tubes.

And if you’re spec’ing neon… prepare to meet a buzzsaw if you need UL approval.

thanks for your reply, Nurb.
On the design studios website where I found this, it says in the description that they are “7mm fluorescent tubes”.
It is a shame that they can not be one sided and I really wonder how they solved that if it is indeed a fluorescent tube.

You know, after thinking about this… it might be possible with a cold cathode tube (the kind you find in scanners and LCD screens. But, I haven’t seen any fixtures using these lamps. Most of the time they are hidden so aesthetics are never important.

cold cathode was a great tip indeed. I will look further into it but is seems like that is exactly what I need!