Florida design firms

Can anyone please help me out? Thinking about moving to Florida. hows the Industrial design job scene down there? Who’s hiring?


Florida ID is a little spread out. A fair amount of companies use ID.

Reflex Design
Blackhaggen Design
Office Depot
Snap Toys
Sea Ray Boats
Lhurs Boats

etc, do a search, there are more.

XM radio in Deerfield Beach

Thanks guys! Are you working down there now, or know of anyone who is? I would like to throw a few hooks out there.



I’m originally from Pennsylvania, schooled in Georgia and a bit of Europe, and currently find myself in Florida working as a full-time Industrial Designer… but not at a design firm. I work in-house for a company called Naneu Pro, as their sole designer, designing camera bags and packs. If you need to move to FL for the weather or for whatever reason, you can always work as an in-house designer for a company who sorely needs some design perspective. I have done projects with at least two companies who need a designer, but probably don’t know it yet. Also- there are many, many custom boat builders on the coast(s) of Florida, you can get into marine design with an ID degree easily, and it pays fairly well, maybe better than entry level ID. If you want it, go take it.

You may also want to check out Sensormatic and ClosetMaid.
Best of luck