Florence Knoll Bassett -- RIP

Florence Knoll Bassett died last Friday – Rest in peace.

It’s no accident that I ended up working in an open plan office environment early in life; this woman was responsible. I know a lot of people seem to hate these kinds of offices but the ex-coworker I sat across from in that office is still one of my best friends 13 years after I left that office. That open plan office environment allowed us to coordinate effectively with one another while doing work many a time.

Just reading this article. RIP. So nice to learn more about Knoll’s work and involvement in her community.

This photo resonated with me. My first meeting was like this except I was in the back. :slight_smile: Curious how less nervous I would have been if I had learned more about her in school.


The design school where I graduated has about 20% women but I do recognize this from working life, plus I feel she was an underrated designer. It would not have been the same at least with the availability of the open offices for team work, and just well overall well-being.