Flip Vossen Industrial Designer portfolio

www.flipvossen.nl was updated yesterday with new Design Academy Eindhoven Projects
Have a look and stay inspired

Mr. Vossen, please refrain from multiple postings of the same topic.

Will do so

Hey man here’s my 2cents:

I’d get rid of the entry page. It never really made sense to me to have a page where the only purpose of it is to click to get to another page with the real content on it. It’s a bit superfluos if you ask me.

On the home page, I tried clicking on all of those cropped photos repeatedly, thinking they would lead me to projects. they didn’t. it took me a while to find the portfolio link in the top left. I’d either link those photos to projects, or figure out some way to sort out that ambiguity.

The text on your site is not particularly legible. The animations aren’t helping either…

All told, I think the biggest problem with the site is that it takes me too long to get to what I want to see. If I’m only going to spend 45 seconds on your site, the largest amount of time possible should be spent looking at work. not figuring out how to get to it.

The work itself though was quite good. Of the projects I clicked on, most were 3d models but the chairs you did definitely looked neat. I’d just try to simplify a bit, I think that’ll help you out.