Flexible Material Question

I am looking for a flexible material that can be used in a medical application. It will need to be adjustable depending on the persons mouth and will need to have a small wire embedded in it or attached to it.

What I am looking for reminds me of the old bendable toys, like Gumby.

or a phone head set like this

Does anyone have an idea of a material or process that I could use to achieve this?


There are lots of options.

Gumby was a rubber molded around a cheap malleable wire. The headset is similar in that it is like to be plastic around a malleable metal.

Aluminum is light and malleable but it is more expensive and doesn’t hold up to fatigue as well as mild steel. Plastics have too much memory to work alone. There may be some exotic polymer out there that fits the bill, but I am guessing it will be very costly.

You can cover the malleable metal by molding, laminating, dipping, coating, extruding around, pressing on, glueing on, etc the outside material. Lots or choices.

Or you can make multiple physical joints malleable, like these ball and socket joints for the anywhere tripods.

Here’s a good example of the rubber over metal that’s pretty widely available (and is in a ‘designed’ product). The base is bendy and can be adjusted for different monitors

good stuff, Thanks!