flee-mo™ touchless switch for hygienic UI

flee-mo™ touchless switch prototype model

flee-mo™ – non-contact button for hygienic UI, inspired by “a touch”, powered by invisible infrared light


The flee-mo™ utilized a sensitive proximity sensor, so it only requires the approach of fingers, thumbs or any like-sized objects to initiate the choosing process. LED indicators that illuminate blue/red corresponding to Idle/Active mode.
Which mean using this buttons without accumulate grime, bacteria and viruses in normal micro-stroke mechanical switches. With no moving parts, needs no maintenance, long life service and electrical isolation between input and control sides. It can be used as a stand-alone button for toilet flusher, touchless switch, etc. in which requires both hygiene and aesthetic.


Inspired by the modern art light from acrylic materials and colorful LEDs, the dramatic lighting pieces of button were made using LED acrylic, which was indirect illuminated using blue/red LEDs via light guide plate. It provides optimal light transmission while eliminating hotspots, for the purpose of creating something even more beautiful, toughness and elegance. Halo illumination around the buttons meet the desired eye-catching effect and also decorate the attachment surfaces.

flee-mo™ on top of 10mm thickness texture acrylic plate (shooting under bright-light conditions)

flee-mo™ on top of 8mm thickness ceramic tile (shooting under low-light conditions)

Parts identification of the flee-mo™ touchless switch (From left) 2 x interconnect socket strips, 3D printing threaded cap, UI and insert with case

To know the design story, please refer: https://phuocnguyen.design/works/#/flee-mo/

Permirror, the story behind flee-mo is cool!