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We are working on a couple of lines onf flatware. Any favorite designs that you all want to mention? Here is my favorite.


Is this a design that you worked on or is it one that you like?

If it’s one you like, who designed it or what is the brand?

I’m digging it.

I can’t say I like any one design…or better said…I don’t know enough about them out there.

One thing I will say with this is that usability of the flatware trumps style for me. Weight, feel, ability to hold soup, etc. Far more important than looking “cool”. Nice looking AND functional…good luck.

I base my flatware decisions in this order:

1: How well the small spoon works for eating cereal.
2: How well the butter knife will spread peanut butter
3: aesthetics.

recently bought these. when deciding:
-weight and feel -comfortable?
-clean look, not too funky so that it matches everyday dishes and my formal stuff. i dont see the need for fine flatware on holidays, thats just me.

im not digging the ones you posted, to me it just doesn’t seem functional.

you use a small spoon to eat cereal? what do you use for soup?

im not into all those quasi-classical patterns, personally, and also go for form+function. I like a lot of the patterns from 60’s/70’s scandinavia, and now am using a set my parent had back in the day from norway. clean, simple stainless steel, and i wouldnt give it up for anything.

if i had to pick something new, i’d go for an iittala set, something like this.


also arne jacobsen’s set very is nice.


I guess they’re not sold commercially because they have a little text that says “tender greens exclusive”, but a restaurant I go to sometimes (Tender Greens, in Culver City) has the best silverware. Why? The knife balances perfectly on the blade and handle, so that it sits perpendicular to the table instead of flat on it. I’m sure there has to be another flatware line that does this, but I just haven’t seen it.

This image doesn’t have a side profile but I think this is what you are referring to with the standing knife.

I wouldn’t think the knives would stack up to neatly in the drawer organizer though. I thought about this style when my wife and I were setting up our wedding gift registry until the thought crossed my mind about storage.

This set appears to be more form than function.

It still looks cool though.

you use a small spoon to eat cereal? what do you use for soup?

GASP… Small.

I know, its a strange habit, but thats how I like it. Strangely enough I’ve also been known to eat cereal from a mixing bowl from time to time.

nurb, I’m the same way. I like the salad fork better than the dinner fork, too.

And eco, that’s the general idea! The ones I saw had narrower stems, though. The stand-up feature is obviously not necessary, but somehow when you use one, it makes you go “wow, now THAT is nice.”

Sorry, I forgot to credit the designer of the flatware I started the thread with.

It is called Mango designed by Nanny Still and sold by Iitalla. It is really great to use although it is not inexpensive. You can purchase it on Unicahome.com

Thanks for all of the great images.

Aaron_ I pretty much like most of the over desigerly ones…

I never understood all this emphasis on the balance of a knife, are you afraid the balance is going to throw you off and you’ll butter you neighbor instead of your bread? Efficiency of a spoon? As long as it holds a couple of cherrios I’m cool, I don’t need to scoop half the bowl in a single swipe… I got a big mouth but not that big.

Personally, for nice occasions we have a set modern silver from the 50’s handed down to us from my Wife’s grandmother. They look very similar to this set which is ironically from Pottery barn:

I love a lot of the stuff on Unica Home of course, also:


That is an awesome project though. Have fun! Is it for residential or commercial use?

Yo reminded me, several exes ago, I moved in w/ a guy and his mom ( grandma?) supplied us w/ a set of flatware. With disproportionably heavy handles. That would launch curry across the table/on the floor every time you set a fork/spoon in a bowl. Since then I’m very cautious of hefty handled flatware.

A hotel I was staying last week used these:


I liked them a lot.

Those are nice. I like the detail lines.

they totally make the design, and the knife balances on its blade when it is resting on the table.

these look pretty sweet.



I don’t usually use the word “dope”, but those are dope.

just found these and immediately had to buy. the form and balance is perfect and like a few other discussed the shape of the handle allows you to rest it on the table without the blade touching. simply beautiful!

Porsche design, type 301 Japanese stainless steel.


i have one of those porsche ag knives. it is easily the best knife in the kitchen (next to some wustoffs). those little dots on the side are feckin sweet!