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Hello all >

looking to purchase a flat screen TV. I dont want to spend more than 1000 dollars, anyone have any suggestions on a good buy?-also has to be cover 20in. screen. if possible

I live in NYC and I dont really want to purchase online. But If there is a good deal will check it out.


has to be over 20in.


I think your going to have to wait another year to get below $1000 above 20", maybe not though.

I bought a 23" Sony Wega LCD for $1700 about 6 months ago.

hmmm, that might be true. I mean i have a 43 inch tv now-got it from a friend that was moving out and its just too big and boxy-so i need a flat screen. 1700. really. well, i will keep on looking. maybe i should just wait. that new phillips is nice, it adjusts its settings depending on what you are watching.

I have a 23 inch computer screen. is there a way that i could connect a tv to that so that i could watch tv on it ? maybe i would get a smaller tv and just connect it to the screen and get rid of this big on that is taking up so much space.

Yes there is a little box that can make any montior a tv.

Looks like this: http://www.softwareandstuff.com/CES10344.html