My first post :wink:
One of my latest school project, it is the Flashlight with turnable front part.
Materials are steel and rubber. It may be heavy-duty fleshlight to endure bad conditions. Comments are welcome

can you show how it looks from front?

To tell the truth I havent finished the reflector yet :blush:

ok, i’ll wait.

Its a very slick looking flashlight. Nice model also.

My one suggestion would be that if you were designing this flashlight for harsh conditions that you make the operation of the device very obvious to the user. In harsh conditions, thinking about how to turn a flashlight on is definitely not the first thing on the user’s mind. Thus, I would suggest that the user interface (in this case the on/off switch) be designed so that its use is intuitive and nearly automatic for the user.

Just my opinion. I have designed a number of critical care medical devices and that is our approach to device controls. In a stressful situation, whether it be life saving surgery or harsh environment simple and intuitive are always good ways to go.

Hope this helps.


This is the final.

Great design…I have two questions and two comments…

  1. What are your materials? If you are using this in a harsh environment the material should reflect a sense of durability… i.e. DeWalt products…

2.What is the scale? Maybe render it in an environment or with a hand photoshopped in…


1.You should think about how the flash light is transported. In harsh conditions ease of use and ease of storage are very critical. So think about how it truly will function in cold, hot, wet and dry climates/environments…

2.The color should be bold and bright. This will help to identify the flash light if it is drop on the ground in snow, mud or during a foggy night…Just a thought…

Otherwise great work…


to Jay-Carter: Thx for constructive crit. Helps much.

Maybe show a view of how it turns? I also agree with the previous comments on contrasting tones and colors for its operation. However, how you have chosen to do it works great. Maybe you could have two versions of it, a consumer version and a professional user or Fire/Police/EMT version that would have bold colors.

I also like the use of the LED lights. Looks like you have many of them, and they should be quite bright in the end. I have one of these on my commuter bike right now, and in the cold dark Minnesota mornings, it works great.


The whole thing is self contained and rechargable. The 4 watt setting is quite bright, I can only imagine what you could do with it if you bumped up the wattage. The downside… $175 retail.

No problem…When you get better we ALL get better. Design is a community and communities are family…We must take care of home at all times…



the jpeg is blocked on the server. could you post it on coroflot and link?

Freudian Slip?

Look here pls.

Deez…I agree with most of your comments but based on what was given to us you can see why some people felt it should be durable. Hilarious post…This is a good example of postive sarcasim. Opinions are welcomed here!

Thanx for feedback. May be I thought that it wouldnt be a cheap product. I would like it to be crafted very precisely, i hope you know what i am talking about.

whats the point of this flashlight? i dont see whats better, it just looks like another flashlight. i think you need to concentrate on the innovation and not the form

With a rotating head, you’ll have to worry about the seals, especially if you are still planning for harsh usage. My mini-Mags have seal problems, and they are fairly simple with cylindrical threads, large overlap and very little mis-alignment.

Very little is new with lights, except maybe the MEC Turtle.

This little LED lamp has strobe and continuous and can be carried on your keychain. When you need it, you look the elastic around your bike handlebar and it holds the light in place on four stand-offs. It can be looped onto your belt for running, your bag for hiking, your helmet… you name it. It also comes in red and it’s only $3.50 each!


some time projects are over “innovative” don’t you think? Like I really don’t need a flashlight with a laser pointer, a strobe lamp, that converts into a camp light that projects a reproduction of the northern lights to enhance man’s oneness with the earth, all made of hemp of course.

Sometimes I just need a plain old flash light… and actually the rotating head feature is pretty nice and doesn’t need a paragraph to explain how it saves the world or changes the users experience of light.

Good work…I’d like to see some sketches and process though.

If you add a few skecthes/process pages that may help people understand the nature of your design and how you came to your final rendering…

Thanx for comments. I ll try to find some sketches about it, but im affraid of not having much of them, because its quite old project.