Hey guys,

I’m looking to create interactive things for web and things into animations / videos…
Example: GE | Building a world that works | General Electric

Is Adobe Flash the software i’m after?

Has anyone had experience learning flash before? and how easy did you find it?
I am confident in illustrator, photoshop and indesign already, if this could help.

If anyone has any links to tutorials or even books they’ve found useful in the past for learning Flash it would be great!


Does anyone out of the 70 people that view the post know anything?

I’m pretty sure Flash is going the way of the dodo. It was cool while it lasted. I even took a class, of which I remember nothing. I’m not sure what “replaces” it, because I’m not a web/interaction guy, but I think for websites the HTML5 format is gaining prominence, mostly due to Apple not supporting Flash.

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What he said.