Flash Presentation

Hi, I am looking into different ways I can create a presentation for my final year project. I would like to make something like the ‘view 3D tour’ at Panasonic Partner Sales but without the fancy rotations and movements of the product (bit too advanced!) I am mainly looking at using the animations of the numbers etc and loading details.

I have been told that this presentation would have been made in Flash MX, is this correct?

What techniques are used in this presentation, so I can try and learn them

Thank you for any replys

yes its Flash. The product animations are video of either CG renders or actual product photo/video.

you can d/l a full use demo with a 30experation date on it from macromedia:

the question fo how to use flash is a pretty broad one, but some resources to get you started:


ive got a bookmark list of both flash resources and cool sites/examples a mile long that i can post when i get home.

Thank’s for your reply. I no it’s broad, so all i really want to learn are the techniques which will have been used in the panasonic link. Obviously I would have to learn the basics also. The thing is I don’t know what techniques have been used due to my lack of Flash knowledge