Flash CMS reviews

My partner and I have been searching for the best Flash CMS solution to minimize those pesky 15-minute site update orders. Thought I’d share our experience trying the top 2:

  1. http://www.flashloaded.com

This we ended up with. Took less than an hour to install. To make a change to a Flash website from any browser, simply click on the site and type “admin.” A login prompt comes up, log in, then when you click on an editable region, a simple text/image editing toolbar comes up and let’s you preview and instantly publish.

The text fields in the Flash file have to be dynamic, which restricts the variation in color, size, and font, but the CMS editor allows you to change that.

$150 per site.

  1. http://www.flashblocks.com

This one was a little more complicated to integrate into our flash site, and comes with minimal documentation. We installed it into one site, and it didn’t display any text. Trying to get technical support was hopeless, as they mostly rely on user forums. When we did get in contact with a Flashblocks specialist, he answered in one-sentence remarks and insisted he wasn’t able to view our flash site, which has been up for months and is continually checked for usability.

$30 per site.

We clearly recommend Flash Loaded. Hopefully this will save some of you headaches! Let me know if you have any questions, or if you’ve tried any others.[/url]