Flash - Books / online / class

What would be the best option for learning Flash to build a website:

  1. buy a book - there are so many to choose from

  2. take an online class for $99.00, which can be referenced for up to a year

  3. take a class at a local Community College

I know the book is the cheapest of the three, but having an instructor would be a benefit. Has anyone learned Flash from a book?

P.S. - I have Macromedia Flash MX version 6.0

hey eco,

Heres the list of books that I currently own and websites I use as resources, these have taught me just about everything I know.



O’Reilly CSS Pocket Reference
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 - Official Manual
Actionscripting in Flash MX
Flash to the core
Visual Quickstart - Macromedia Flash MX
Visual Quickstart - PHP
Visual Quickstart - MySQL

Search google for flash tutorials, there are a ton out there.


You’ve seem to be supporting me every step of the way. I take from the list of resources and books you suggest learning via book and tutorials. I guess I could set up a temporary site until I learn Flash.

Time to get started…

Thanks again for everything!