Flameproof ceramics

Looking for information on the techniques and processes
used in making flameproof ceramics or cookware. Thanks, Ron

I think what you are talking about is flameware. For ceramics flameware bodies are typically made from high proportions of low expansion minerals such as mullite, kyanite, spodumene, or pyrophyllite.
These minerals have to be put in a stable formula with flux and stabilizer. There are many fluxs and it depends on the temperature the ware is being fired to that determines the proper flux. The stabilizer is the clay or rather the alumina in the clay, ballclay and fire clay are what is used in flameware. Ballclay is a plasticizer for workability and fireclay is refractory used to withstanding high temperatures. Here is a link that is more indepth http://www.studiopotter.org/articles/?art=art0017, its not a industrial link but for that you should look at American Ceramic Society at http://www.ceramics.org
I think there were more flameware products some years ago, but for some reason there are not many nowadays. I would assume this is for safety reason, I have heard rumors of law suits against products that have exploded under an open flame. I don’t know if this is true, if it is it could have been an isolated incident, but all you can find now is fondu pots.
Now a days with technlogy the way it is someone could make a safe flameware product, GOOD LUCK

One of the cooking magazines I believe advertises “from the fridge
to the stove top” which seems a lot of thermal shock.The infor. on the
studio potter link is just what I was looking for.Someone with hands-on
experience.I’m also wondering if the Space Shuttle tile formulation
is available. Thanks alot,