FL schools offering ID?

Does anyone know of any FL schools offering Industrial/ Product design as a major? Try as I might, I just cannot find any undergrad programs (other than the Art Institutes) offering this major in FL!! I keep thinking I must be missing something… Any information, suggestions or advice would be much appreciated! Thank you.

If there are no universities in FL that offer ID (and I’m fairly certain none do), you ought to be able to use common market to get in-state tuition at another southeastern school (e.g. Georgia Tech, Auburn, Virginia Tech, etc).

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Thank you, @Sarahbandes! Unfortunately FL does not participate in the Academic Common Market at the undergraduate level, only for Graduate school… :cry:

OMG – To all of the moms doing college research for their kids – your kid will NEVER be a success if you do the work for them. Have your kid ask the question and he or she will get more and better advice. Mom, stop now before it’s too late!

I’ll have to agree with Dan here.
Maybe a little less dramatic though :wink:

Looking for the perfect school is definitely something the prospective student should do.
If you are old enough to go to college, then you are old enough to do your own research.

I did talk and consult my parents frequently while deciding but I always had to bring my research to them and present it with clear pros and cons.
To have them on board though was always important to me and if I didn’t manage to convince them, then that probably meant I hadn’t evaluated all the aspects quite yet.

So relying on your parents for advice is a good thing but having them do the digging is in my opinion a disservice.

I happen to agree with you @Dan Lewis and @Bepster. My daughter is doing all the research and digging to figure out which programs and schools she is interested in (She is also juggling summer dual enrollment classes, a part time job, 20 hours/week club sports team and starting application essays). I agreed to research the financial portion for her (including in-state/out-of state).