I’m Mridu, currently based in New Delhi, India.
I am a Leather designer with a masters degree in Fashion design from the university for the creative arts,Uk,
now working with an architect.

I would be grateful if you could have a look at my masters project called FITTINGS

I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

It talks about revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary -it attempts to radically transform the context of objects like hooks, bolts and latches used in architecture, which have not been applied in a design milieu. This is done by re-inventing their functionality and using them in a fashion collection, so that they are appreciated clearly for the statement they make . This is achieved by playing with the idea of stereotypical gender roles. Fittings, which are considered masculine and are now being used for this women’s wear collection, displaying an obscure gender status which is shown by the usage of materials like felt with jersey, thus representing masculinity and femininity. I have also tried to incorporate the element of humor and surprise in this collection.

As an expression, they look great… Overall representation is good.
It is a nice concept of incorporating different things together…creating new meaning out of it.

After seeing your designs, …there was a thought for adding more functionality…
ex. 1. Observing persons daily-activities…using to handle at the appropriate place where it will be used by a person (unconsciously)
OR handle replacing hand pockets…OR unusual location where it will be used for some other purpose.
2. Sliding bolts providing two different results/looks, when put in use…close & open.