Fitch sues over proprietary info

Even though I’d rather route for the little guy it seems to me that Fitch has good reason and a good case for this lawsuit.


One deviant questions come to mind though; wouldn’t it have been much smarter to burn a CD/DVD and more difficult to find what was burnt?

read that.

first thought: would you hire someone stupid enough to send confidential emails home? classic. this guys rep is toast.

Where is Big Red Rooster located? It isn’t around Columbus is it?

Finally…I do agree with you YKH…

What about non-compete contracts. Most of the buisness development people I know all have in their contracts 3-5 years where they can not work for another company providing the same basic services.

The ones that I have signed specify a number of years and distance from the office I worked. Such as, cannot work for a competitive firm within 100miles of Timbuktu for X years.

theres creative ways around noncompetes. have to plan the exodus way in advance tho.

Basically no one can keep you from practicing your livelihood unless they provide you with severance. However you can’t steal customer lists or take their clients and projects.

Two key points. Don’t let any employer own your ass:

I am in the process of negotiating a non-competition agreement. What should I ask for?

First, you should ask to limit the agreement to that which is necessary to protect the employer. Second, if it is necessary to prevent you from working for a period of time in a highly specialized industry or occupation, ask for severance payment in the event of an involuntary termination that is not for cause. If the employer really needs this protection, it can pay for it.

What if the employer is not reasonable?

Consider working elsewhere. Before you sign away your freedom to find other work, make sure that you receive fair compensation, such as training and new contacts or severance pay. If the exchange for the restriction on your right to compete is not fair, find other employment.