FIT Toy Design program

Hullo all,

A friend recently pointed out the FIT Toy Design program to me (
It all looks very interesting and good, but I haven’t heard much about it.
I was wondering if there were any current students or graduates of the program out there?

I’d love to hear about the quality of the program, the facilities, the faculty. And are those job placement rates really that good (nearly 100% according to the website)?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

When I was at my first (toy) job over 14 year ago we had an intern from that program. She was part of the first class to graduate from the program. Yes she did get a job in NY when she graduated. She has been working at Mattel for years.

I heard, and this is just what I’ve heard mind you, that it’s not the strongest program.

That said, if you really want to focus on toys, I can’t think of another place to go.

Cleveland and UC have produced some really great toy designers that I have met over the years, but you will have to do other product as well.

What Yo! said. UC has strong ties with their coop program to some toy companies (Fisher Price, Hasbro, etc.). Might be another option to consider and will be a helluva’ lot cheaper than NYC, if you’re watching your wallet :smiley:

I wouldn’t specialize so quickly. I wanted to be a toy designer too and that’s why I chose industrial design. I didn’t have the option of going to FIT since the Toy program didn’t exist at that time. I did land in the toy industry with my ID degree though.

Some of the classes they offer are pretty unique, such as patternmaking for stuffed toys. If you know that you want to specialize in stuffed animals for the rest of your life, I can’t think of any other place in the USA to study that…I met someone who graduated from FIT toy design program, and she was really good at designing toys. Really good.

I’m interested in toys and children products myself, and I wanted to transfer to FIT, I’m really glad that I didn’t do it. I still get to work on some toy products, but doing more of “traditional ID” I think makes me a better toy designer, than if I only studied toy design?..who knows, anyway…I heard a lot of good things about their sewing facilities.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yo and Bearcat –
Thanks for the heads up on the UC and Cleveland programs. Though Bearcat, cost was one of the pluses for FIT (!) since it is a state school. :smiley:

melovescookies –
Yes, that is one thing I am concerned about – I really like toys and think it would be great to get to design them for a living, but I wonder if I might miss out on other really great fields … I guess I need to do some more research and thinking/gut checks.

I guess another question – is it very difficult to move to other fields w/in design?


It is easy to get “Labled” as a toy designer, or footwear designer, so it takes vigilence to keep up on your skills.

BTW UC and Cleveland are pretty cheap.

if you are not in state, public and private are in the same ballpark