FIT for Graphic Design?

Hi there,

I’m considering a FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NY for Graphic Design. Tuition around $10K/year, which is 1/3 the cost of schools such as Parsons, RISD, etc.

FIT is obviously well-known for fashion, but does anyone here know its reputation for Graphic Design?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

FIT is known for art, although as you mentioned, fashion design.I would bet, however, that the program at FIT is fine. Is it as good as say RISD or Pratt or even RIT? I don’t know. However, if you are an instate kid from NY and getting instate tuition, I think the financial benefits would outweigh the possible little improvement that you might get from these other schools.

Now if you were from out of state and had to pay out of state tuition, I might give you a different answer.

I went to a state school, and work with a guy who went to RISD. We have the same title, the same job responsibilities, etc. He didn’t get this job because he went to RISD, I didn’t get it because I went to a state school. We were judged on our abilities and came out even.

So, you can take that for what its worth. I’ve learned that school really doesn’t mean that much when you get out here in the real world. If I were you, I’d save $80K over 4 years.

I took a 3DS Max class there and it was okay. There graphic design department seemed to be decent but not as good as other schools in the area including Parsons, Pratt and other schools in nyc. I did however seem to be very fashion based.

Also look at some of the local universities. They generally of pretty good graphic design programs as it is one of the most popular in the field of design.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Any other stories/ experiences on FIT would also be helpful!

And just FYI:
Out-of-state tuition = $10K / yr
In-state tuition = $3K / yr

You can’t really beat that!

Don’t know if this is true but you do have to remember the saying “You get what you pay for”.

Don’t know if this is true but you do have to remember the saying “You get what you pay for”.

See my previous reply. Proof that I got a bargain, or he got screwed. One of the two.