Fit & Finish Design?

Apple has established great “fit and finish” design. From their stores and website, definitely with their products, down to the detailed interesting packaging. They don’t skimp on the details with anything. They produce not only great products, but a whole package.

What are some other companies or products that pride themselves on great “fit and finish”? :bulb:

I would say the new PUMA stores are in that realm with Apple.

Sony is in that catagory. I am not a big fan of their shotgun approach to styling. But their products are impeccably manufactured…at least the ones that I have interacted with.

I associate fit and finish with the way things come together and materials… what you are referring to I would consider more of an implementation of a brand experience that starts with product and extends through to every way the consumer can possibly interact with the brand.

I think a great example of this is the comparison of a Scion dealership with a Lexus dealership. Scion dealerships are often stuffed into a corner of an old Toyota dealership, while I’m not a fan of the Lexus brand, they know their consumer, and the experience in their dealerships is very spot on. From the reception area, to people bringing you beverages, to them lining cars out front for you to drive. Ironically they are both owned by Toyota.

As mentioned, the Sony Style Centers are very nice, and I’m a big fan of the Puma and Adi shops which are fun, nicely styled, and have a boutique vibe. I’m not always a big fan of the “geniuses” at the apple store, but the stores themselves are awesome.

I think apparel retail does a great job of hitting their target. Some of the newer Hollister rollouts are pretty nice. Seeing how apparel brands differentiate themselves from American Apparel, to Urban Outfitters, to Express, to Zumiez, is interesting. You can get a white T in all 3.

I like the Vespa store in town here:
They do a great job in store capturing the romance of Vespa, with huge banners showing stills from “Roman Holiday”