Fiskars Orange-Handled Classic Scissors' 50th Anniversary

One of my favorite household items. Who knew they’ve been around that long?

Core actually did a pretty nice article series about those a couple years ago:

“Fiskars’ scissors are very well-known in Sweden too – but I don’t think everyone knows they’re Finnish. Most people probably think they’re from Sweden!”

Totally true. Swedes also love to wrongfully claim the cheese slicer as a Swedish invention.

Fiskars scissors cut very well. However, I’ve got beef with them, because my thumb always gets stuck in the thumb-hole when I try to put them down. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m on the larger side of the human spectrum (6’2", 190 lb), but by no means am I a giant. My hands fit a large size glove, but an XL glove is sometimes a bit too big depending on the brand. So, my hands are big… but not that big. I find that they fit great when I’m cutting. But when I’m done cutting, and try to put down the scissors (usually in a hurry because of my excitement to get to the next task), they end up coming off of my hand funny and binding up on my thumb.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this problem. So, I wonder if because these scissors were designed 50 years ago in a Scandinavian country, their ergonomic reference set might have been skewed a bit towards more slender hands, thus causing problems for us larger people of the 21st century. And since they are the gold standard of scissors, every scissor design project most likely starts off with someone buying a pair of orange handled Fiskars and taking measurements. So now we live in an ecosystem of scissors with undersized thumb holes!

Or maybe I just need to be more patient and slow down when I’m cutting with scissors! :laughing: