fisher price internship

i’ve noticed that a lot of University of Cincinnati students have had internships at Fisher Price. i’m looking to apply for an internship there myself, and i was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the types of things they like to see in sample portfolios. any other advice would be helpful too.


They do…don’t they…it’s like a freaking monopoly. They’re usually very talented people though, but yes….it’s somewhat depressing watching FP filling up most of the design intern positions with those guys.

It’s a great place to intern, they give you a place to live…and that overtime pay…it’s a dreamy internship. From my experience, like everywhere else, they look for great sketching/rendering skills. I guess having some toys, or playful product designs in your portfolio is a plus…if you do character design, throw some of that in, too.
FP does so many different things…if you do character design they might find you useful for rescue heroes or imaginext…If you’re more of a product design person they’ll put you in baby gear…transportation design –power wheels or geotrax…so, I don’t think there’s a specific kind of a portfolio they’re looking for, if they like you they’ll look at your strongest/weakest sides and assign you to a certain team. But the sketching must be kick ass.

…and if you ever write them: it’s Fisher-Price, don’t forget the hyphen.

U of Cincinnati is very aggressive regarding internship placement. Also, they have an excellent program and therefore great students. If Fisher Price has had good experiences with U of Cincinnati’s students of course they are going to come back for more.

If your stuff can hold up to the Cincinnati Students, I’m willing to bet you have a chance.

Within UC we compete for the Fisher Price internship! I tried to get it this summer, but they were taking back some old co-ops. I’m trying again in the Winter quarter!

Yeah its funny how Fp hires alot of UC kids for intenships. Specially since most of there design staff is from CIA.

by the way, has anyone heard from them yet?

i got them asking if i could start in september and if i had the paperwork to work in the states. that was two weeks ago, and i haven’t heard back from them after i replied.

should i have heard back from them by now? i know the internship advisor was going on vacation on the 13th.

should i be moving on/giving up now?

Don’t give up until they give you a ‘no’ answer. People are busy working… you are low priority. You may have to contact them again.

I designed at FP for almost 4 years. Just keep nagging at them. It is a great experience. Most people who work there are supah buzzy. Buffalo kind of blows though. If you drink a LOT you might fit in…

thanks for the replies, everyone.

i called fisher-price last week and they told me the US didn’t have any more VISAs to give out for now, so they hired an american resident instead.

i’ll try again for a january spot.