First Year ID portfolio-feedback please

Hi all,

I finished my first year in ID. Here is my portfolio link:

Thanks for all comments, feedback and harsh critiques!!!

P.S. : I know the website looks a bit trashy(all done in frontpage)… hopefully Im planning to start learning flash soon…


bad points

the site architecture is not very good. spend a little time on thinking about how people enter the site and know what icons to click on.

I’d change the use of tiltview for your photos to their simple view. tilt viewer might seem fun but its annoying and hard to see your photos.

improve your cv design use a different text font for a start. and include a quote about yourself and what you believe design is or showing your approach. also remember this is a design CV so your allowed to be slightly creative in your approach and maybe include a couple of images of work.

good points

some nice work for your first year in your portfolio would be good to think about layout etc nad the story behind it. have a look at and for some inspiration.

I agree with Cholden, think more about navigating through your site. I found it a bit confusing myself. I would stay away from flash all together until you learn more about it. Focus more on clean and simple design layouts when explaining your design process. Nice skills for your first year! Keep sketching daily all throughout your program.

I agree with the comments above. I’d also ditch the green/black boxes behind your images on page 3 and 4.

I will say that I really like the “graphic free” design, using commas, slashes and asterisks is neat. I’d also take your ascii art approach a little further, it’s teetering on intentional right now. Make it so, with scale, more subtle decoration, etc.

I’d change your link color, the default blue just looks bad.

Pretty decent for a first year. As you get into your second year work on making your sketches clear, clean, and communicative. Study up on proportion, perspective, and line weight.

The website will come with time. Keep it simple and consistent. Make sure it stays focused on the product design.

Thanks for the useful comments. !!
I will try to put the website in a good shape and post again for critiques…