First web site...

New web site. Please comment…I need the critique!


Oh you need the critique alllright…
To be honest there is not much to say about your portfolio. Why did you bother setting one up anyway? You think that will get you a job???

You really need to work on your marker skills, it looks as though you have just scanned a rough sketch in. Maybe bring it into Photoshop and compile a variety of sketches. You need to vamp up your layouts. Take a look at Yo’s, though thats probably not the best example.

Ok well good luck and stick at it…


well I will try to extrude the politeness out of your reply and take what I can.

thank you?

I agree my marker skills are in need of help…as well as my presentation. That is why I am here. To learn. Thank you, drive through.

ohhh thank you, Master triplus!!

now cut the crap and show us how it’s done!! Nobody will I take you serious until you paste or link some of your work here, I know I can’t!!


Thanks bepster…I am glad someone else caught the lack of sensai triplus’s own work. I don’t question his apt, just his manners. But regardless, I would love some honest critique along with what I can do to help my work.


hi gabriel,

i think your site is good. the only two things i would point out are:

  1. i don’t really understand what some of your projects are, as in they are really nice cool looking sketches but i can’t tell what the product is for, etc. i think some text next to each image would help, or at least name each project so that we know what it is, etc. example: the mad cow concepts - did you do the logo? design the chairs? make the chairs?..

  2. when clicking inside the individual projects, on the smaller images you have to scroll down to see that there are more images and that there is a link back to the portfolio…at first i was actually using the back button to go back to your portfolio page!!

Thanks! Yeah, it seems that is the general concensus. More/better descriptions on projects and the portfolio sections navigation blows. I promise to fix the inthe next 3 months or so.

Keep them coming!

I love this forum.


I really enjoyed your site! Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  1. (regarding the portfolio page) have a visual relationship between the thumbnails, and the picture it links to. (or if there is a link, make it more obvious) People like to preview what they are going to see when they click on a link, rather than just blindly clicking through everything.

  2. Try using less space between the main image, and the thumbnails on the misc. page. On my laptop, I couldn’t see the main image and enough of the thumbnails to navigate, and had to scroll up and down for each view.

  3. Try showing some more refined renderings, and other skills in the portfolio main page. It seems like you show more breadth in the misc page.


Will do on the navigation of the Misc. page. I am hoping to revamp the navigation in a couple months…(I just recieved from Viz…so I am playing with the tutorials at the moment and have really neglected the rest of life…hahah).


Gabriel_ Thanks for posting the site. It has a good feel to it. A bit dark and broody, but also nice and simple at the same time.

My feedback is as follows, most is totally subjective of course. I hope there are few nuggets of information in here for you.

1_ For the links you use a San Serif font but on pages like the About section you use a Serif font for the text body. Switching to sans I think would be cleaner (though seriffed fonts read better esp when light on a dark background I think)

2_ that last paragraph in the about section switching the word Stylistic to Aesthetic would seem more in keeping with the style of the copy (could I be any more knitpicky!)

3_ The images that are links to projects within the portfolio section are a bit arty. I love a good arty image, but a little more visual communication as to what I am clicking on would be cool.

4_ the site is black and dark, but the images are all light. You could photoshop the white backgrounds to black, for example on the model pics for connex 3, they are on a white surface. Shop that white out to match your background.

5_ write ups. I love minimal verbiage around imagery, if only for the fact that the image should tell the story. But a few sentences wouldn’t hurt. (i-ban, what am I looking at here?)

6_ sketches are hurting man. I would either redo them or make them smaller so you see several in one frame.

you have some good stuff, its just a matter of making it sing and pushing it further.

Thank so much! I guess the general concencus is for image descriptions and better sketches…

thanks so much for taking the time to help out!