First try at sketching shoes advice please

hey guys,
I have no product design training what soever, but really want to learn. just started to try out design sketching, i plan to try to study product design next fall, after i graduate UCI and was interested in learning how to draw in design style, especially shoes. please critique, advice, or anything else. looking to learn and improve. Thanks.

p.s. this was all done in a very short amount of time at work, so i know it kinda sucks, but any advice/constructive criticism would greatly be appreciated.

Keep drawing. I see potential in the sketches. You have a lot of work ahead of you. But just keep drawing.

Check out some of yo’s tutorials also.

Nailing the proportion of the shoe you’re trying to draw will make it read better to the viewer.

thanks for the replies!
here are some more quick sketches. i definitely need to work on the proportions…