First try at a KG contest.

Alright, first attempt at a really sitting down designing a complete shoe. I have sketched shoes before but they were just doodles. I recently found KG and well decided to participate in the contest there.

Reason for this is I figured I should start practicing on designing footwear, as it is one of the reasons I became interested in becoming an Industrial Designer. (since i was a little kid I’ve always wanted to design soccer cleats.)

Sorry about the quality of the picture I took it with my cell phone. I don’t have a scanner at home so I have to wait till next week at school before I can scan it in and start to render it.

Since my handwriting is probably not legible. ill just type it up.
Old School Logo
heavy duty elastic - possibly rubber
these need to be switched so that interchangables are on outside
change color of shock absorber

Any crictism would be appreciated.

good first try.

what kind of a shoe is it? without laces or a heel, it would be difficult to keep on for any sports. its it intended as more of a casual shoe?

your proportions arent bad for a first try, but check your heel thickness compared to the forefoot midsole thickness. looks a little thick.

also, try sketching your shoe with a straight hortizontal line for the ground. it will be better to see where the shoe touches the ground and get the right toespring adn proportion.

your bottom view also looks a little bit narrow and twisted. the waist seems also a bit too far back.

nice to see you are looking at the details in the shocks parts to figure out how it works. it would be interesting to see more of your concept and how the parts can change color. …and maybe you want to think about using a nike shox technology on an adidas shoe :slight_smile:

have a look at some of the other drawings around and also look at how details such as stitch lines, tread lines and other small things can make a difference to make the drawing look more complete and finished.

keep up the efforts! KG and other contests are a great way to work on your skills and im sure with more practice you will improve!



Thanks for the reply R,

It was ment to be more of a casual shoe, soemthing you can slip on and off right after a game. I do see what you mean about the thickness. I drew a diffrent shoe and tried to keep into consideration what you mentioned. I also tried to pick a theme to work off of.

Its ment to be a casual shoe, wood grain puma form, cream leather upper, and a bit of fabric, possibly brown leather, to contrast.

Critique would be appreciated again.

sain, I think that you have some interesting ideas. I especially like your second drawing. It might be cool if you worked that wood grain into a tread pattern. One thing that really helps me is to draw the shoe actual size or just slightly smaller if you want to fit on a 8.5x11 paper. This will help you see the dead areas that could use more detail. Then when you shrink it back down to display it will look dope. Drawing big also helps free your mind. Most importantly keep posting, the people on this site have alot of experience and can give really great critiques.

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial on rendering the linework in illustrator, I tried it for around an hour and didnt make to much progress. I’ve never used Illustrator before so I was lost for a bit but finally started maknig progress however any tutorials would be appreciated

noramlly you would rendering in Photoshop, not illustrator and just use illustrator for the linework.

here’s a link to a Photoshop rendering tutorial I did earlier,