First time sketching critque

Since starting ID I was told to work on sketching first and foremost. I did a few random drawing, mostly based off pictures. Take a look and let me know how I’m doing, thanks.

Honestly, not bad. I see maybe some decent figure studies…obviously perspective and lineweight are both issues. Get “Design Sketching”, which I think is available for purchase here:
It will detail out ways to set up different perspectives, shading, color, lineweight, etc. Just keep at it. Draw until your hand cramps and you become estranged from your family and friends. Then you might have a good foundation to begin some serious sketching. Best of Luck

Definitely focus more on perspective than characters/animals at this point. Draw simple things in perspective, from all angles, for a while (boxes, cylinders, other shapes) and then move up to more complicated shapes once you get comfortable and they look right. This is, of course, to get your skills up at drawing with, and without, observation.

Pretty good for first sketches! Mind the perspective, proportions and lineweight. Check out the video section of this beautiful website and join the forum!

The other thing is you said that you were drawing mainly from pictures… I find it better to draw from an object you can see in front of you, that way you get a far better understanding of the thing in front of you. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but its an excellent way to build up your drawing skills. And remember (to be super cheesey) practice makes perfect!

I’m going to agree with Suzie Q in that you really should be drawing from real life. You get a much better sense of form and space that way.

I will make one correction to what she said about “practice makes perfect”. I don’t think that is entirely true. I would say that “Perfect practice makes perfect”. You can practice until you are blue in face - but if you are practicing bad habits, it’s only going to make it harder to achieve the proper results.

Thank you all for your critique and tips.

I’ve taken to picking up pen and paper at my friend’s houses and just drawing what I see. Usually a wall of shelves. I’m looking towards ending up in Interaction Design, so my sketching skills don’t need to be perfect, but it couldn’t hurt to get better.

BTW, those pictures were taken with my iPhone and “deyellowed” in PS, so I’m sure things like line weight are thrown off even more.