FIrst time Sketch

this is the first sketching post i did and i am in need of some suggestions thanks in advance

Not bad… I would take some time to learn how to render shading a little better, and also look into warm to cool filters… Especially on you glass crown area of your watch. Next time also try using a medium round stick bic… The pen will give you cleaner lines to work off of when scanning them in.

Also… you need to put some white back into there. Where are the highlights? sketch is a good start… your elipses are nicer than mine. lol.

Thanx for posting.

I think a lot of people starting out rush to rendering to get that pretty picture. But before you add a drop of color, digital or analog, make sure you design is something you want to spend the time to render up.

Personally I would rather see pages of loose idea sketches over a rendering (though both are ideal). Step up those line weights. Draw through the design. Design all of the elements and details, keep away from “stock” details (like the square button) unless they truly belong on the design.

Once you nail those things down, the rendering part will flow much much easier.

Drawing is a visual language. A quick sketch is a short story, than a rendering is like a novel. If you are going to write a novel make sure you have something to write about.

Keep it up. I would love to see where you are at in a few weeks or so. If you keep at it a little bit every day I bet you will be astounded.