first time in Chicago...

Hi all,

I’ll be in Chicago in a couple of weeks (first time there), I was wondering if anyone could recomend me any must see-design related places.

Any good design bookstores?


Chicago is famous for it’s architecture. Take the riverboat architectural tour.
The Museum of Contemporary Art is great and has a nice bookstore.
The Museum of Science and Industry is great.
Eat at Moto or Alinea for the culinary design experience (expensive $$)

Thanks cg,

People at work also recomended me the riverboat tour.

Since you will be so close, and if you have time, you should check out the Milwaukee Art Museum.

catch a show at

It’s been a few years, my wife lived up in the Gold Coast area for a couple of years while she was in grad School at SAIC. I was there as much as I could. A few things I remember:

Heard of this place from friends:,0,4910506.story?coll=mmx-ng_lincolnpark_heds

Also you probably should go here, it is amazing:

@Lmo _ The Milwaukee Art Museum looks pretty amazing! How far from the Chi?

Depending upon which route you take, roughly a hundred miles to Milwaukee; but definitely worth the drive.

Watching the building articulate is cool enough by itself, but permanent exhibits include the Brooks Stevens Archives.

It looks like the future:

I’m definitely going to make a weekender out to check it out.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Robie House

Thank you all,

I’ll definitely take each of your recomendations into account.

Chicago is a town of neighborhoods:

Go to Wicker Park for urban culture.
Go to Lincoln Park for pretty homes.
Go to Wrigleyville for Wriglet Field. Then get out quick.
Go to the West Loop for art.
Go to Millennium Park for high profile public art.
Go to the Museum of Contemporary Art for um… well… art.
Spend some time in the Loop, but not too much.
For furniture design walk Franklin street in River North.

For books:

Prairie Avenue Books is an amazing design/art/architecture bookstore.
Quimby’s Books is an amazing zine/magazine/countercultural bookstore.
Myopic Books is an amazing used bookstore.
Luminaire has a nice design books section.

Also see:

coffee, you forgot…
tourists/visitors- don’t go south of chinatown unless its a direct route to the museum of science and industry which I hear is good but surprisingly haven’t gone yet. They have some id exhibitions, just recently had davinci works there.
But south of the museum is a whole different world and you don’t want to get lost on the southside.

Prairie Avenue Bookshop

checkerboard lounge

the music in chicago is unbelieveable