First sneaker sketch in like, forever.

To give yall a little background on myself seeing as everyone else does here. I’m an emcee ( ) whos also a sneaker fanatic and big into designing, always have been.

I was in a pretty competitive design program in highschool where I wouldve ended up with a scholarship to design school after my senior year. I moved after 10th grade and I havent sketched a sneaker since then, which was like 7 years ago. I decided recently I might wanna go back to school for design and do what I’ve always wanted to… seems like this is the best place to get feedback and improve before taking the next step.

Obviously yall can tell I havent found my own style yet, my inspiration for the shoe was kind of a combination of the jordan 14 15 and 16. Started out working based off a picture of a Lotus but kinda scrapped the huge vents and just went with what I knew to get the ball rolling.

Shoe was totally freehand, until Yo crushes my dreams im pretty proud of how I did with the shoes proportions for someone who hasnt picked up a pen in the past 7 years unless it was to write lyrics.

The shoe is real generic, I’m just tryna refamiliarize myself with the different components of a basketball shoe before really trying to step outside the box with design concepts.

Any feedback at all to my huge novel and my lil sketch is appreciated.

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Hey Wird: Well, truthfully there’s not much to say. You haven’t given a whole lot of purpose to this drawing so it’s kind of “ok, whatever” ya know? Looks like you have a cool little shroud thing going on there. I think bottom line is that this is a thumbnail sketch and you just need to post up something a little more worthy of commenting on. Looks like your ankle opening is a bit small, so keep an eye on that.


this place is a good step but is not a replacement for school. I think if you want to be apart of a design program at school that is great. I think many on here could help direct you into a program. If you take that as a goal and start working on some portfolio projects to show the school. This site be great to post up your projects for that.

147 views an no comments- happens wouldn’t take it personal. But agree with TH just tossing up a sketch maybe is not enough. Start a discussion, ask questions give more descriptions of your design (some more views be helpful)…etc

Think pen is a great way to sketch. be great to see more work and descriptions. You mentioned re-familiarizing your with basketball components, I think this is a great way to start. taking them apart tearing them, cutting them, wearing them, etc. from your findings you could do sketches and have notes. I would be interested in seeing these and from that could spark new ideas for your shoes.

be well


Don’t color your sketches with the same pen. And learn to use markers or photoshop to color it. And use a scanner not a photo camera. And learn to make shadows to give the sketch more contrast.