First Semester Projects

Last Semester was my first as an official Industrial Design Student.

VP1: Parking Meter
This was directed towards the execution of drawing and not the actual design.

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It looks like you are off to a good start. So you are a sophomore? What school?

On the parking meeter, the 3/4 view seems to taper at the base while the other sidewalk views seem parallel. At the top on the 3/4 sketch the radius wraps to the back, on the sidewalk it wraps to the side.

Yes I am sophomore. Currently I am attending Kendall College of Art and Design.

On the 3/4 view I skethced it in 3 point perspective, that is why it is tapering at the base. Mistake on the top corners noted.

Hey dude, nice stuff. I don’t think 3-point perspective is appropriate for that drawing. 3 point is usually best used with things that are bigger than a person (like architecture). You should always draw something with perspective that gives off the best sense of scale. For example, drawing a toaster would have perspective lines that just slightly converge, while drawing a boat with more convergent perspective lines would give the user a feeling of how big it is.

I do love my 3 point and exaggerated perspective but I will have to start being more considerate to how the drawing reads from an accuracy standpoint. Tarngerine I like the explanation you give for choosing perspective. I took a quick look at your site and I really like your sketching style!

Also not sure that a decorative glass part is an appropriate on something that is designed for cost and extreme durability. Instead spend your energy designing the necessities. The challenge is to transform the necessary into the desired without adding the superfluous.

I wouldn’t really consider it so much a decorative piece. My idea was to have a visual notification that can be seen easily without walking right up to the meter. The person parked at the meter could simply look out the window or peer around the corner to see if the meter is expired yet. It would also allow the meter maid to to be more efficient.

Why would it not be on the top then where it would be more clearly visible from all sides and over cars by a meter maid driving by or someone sitting across the street. Plus it would then integrate into an area that already has a clear part and not increase the cost or integrity of the support structure.

Very good point yo. A couple of my ideation sketches actually show it on top. Thinking I should maybe revisit the parking meter, tweak it, and make it clear what the intent and purpose of it is.

Keep the criticism coming guys. My teacher last semester never pointed out these kind of flaws so I am actually enjoying having real feedback!