first rendering

of a high heel at least. it’s hard to gauge cause fashion design style for women’s footwear is so different than the angle I have from ID. Most renderings are very stylistic and almost comic looking.

Hey Carson really nice render,I love the pattent leather efect.

Im making some works for fashion and I´d say I do prefer nice and real renders to artistical stuff…

beautiful concept rendering. I’d be interested in what is going on from a top view point of view… you did a great job of not letting you ID training take over. The design is restrained as it should be in this space… but you used you ID training to produce a beautiful, and accurate representation of what the design might look like. I feel this shows the craft of shoemaking pretty honestly.

The craft is really what i’m interested in. I’m a double concentration in ID and Sustainable development. I got Handmade Shoes for Men off of Amazon and have been extremely fascinated by the old age process of custom footwear. The longevity of shoes that are made by hand for an individuals foot. I wish I could apprentice at Lobb in london or one of the fine Italian hand made shoe workshops.

This rendering was done from a set of sketches that i’m no longer satisfied with. I’m rendering some new ideas right now.